Software is part of the foundation of modern society. Our team builds reliable online applications for the business market.

We believe software development is an organic process. In other words: software evolves. Our people guide the evolution of software by applying agile best practices.

We work with very short development cycles and frequent deliveries. This allows our customers to have control over the development process and change requirements along the way.

Manageable process

Software projects are notorious for going wildly over budget and fail to live up to expectations. By choosing for our Agile development strategy this will never happen, simply because you are in control all the time.

High performance == low energy

Server farms are responsible for a large part of global CO2 emissions. Our software is lightweight and requires less processing power thus putting less strain on the environment.

Open Source

We select high quality Open Source components as the building blocks for your application. This results in a very solid product and world wide developer support without vendor lock-in. Because we recognize the importance of Open Source Model we also actively give back to the Open Source community.

The organic process, how does it work?

We use an agile development methodology called Scrum. We start with an interview in which we determine the overall requirements and the first steps of the development process. Next, we'll give you access to our online Backlog. The product backlog is a an ordered list of requirements. With our online backlog you can add and edit features and prioritize them.

Every two weeks, during the sprint meeting we estimate the cost to finish the uppermost part of the backlog. This part is then conveyed to our todo list, the Sprintlog. During the sprint you are free to alter, re-order or remove any stories left in the product backlog.

After each sprint we demonstrate the new version of the product. This means that in practice you'll leave with a fully functional (prototype) product just after two weeks!


We'd like to compare software development with craftsmanship. We put a lot of effort in writing quality code. We use proper MVC architectures, unit testing, object oriented coding styles as well as usability research. Our team members are passionate about creating rock solid software solutions. And it's not just the code, we also care a about a great user experience.

Choices International
  • Dutch online medical professional recruitment system with extensive feature matching algorithms.


  • The Choices Programme certifies products to assist European consumers in selecting healthier food products.

    For Choices we built a certification management system which brings together food companies, supermarkets, food experts and certifying agents.

    Our certification management system offers product validation and calculation, workflow management, innovation tracking and many features to facilitate international cooperation.

Visit us!

Visit us!

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